Targeted display advertising is a great way to showcase your business and products/services. But how can you make the most out of this marketing tool?


What is Targeted Display Advertising?

This type of advertising is usually an image or video with some text that highlights your message, and is featured on popular websites used by the audience(s) you want to target. Whichever part of the nation you want to promote your products/services to, targeted display provides the tools to optimise your advertising.


How can it Help Your Business Grow?

Targeted display lets you target any audience anywhere. Whether you want to advertise your business to multiple age groups in multiple locations, or a specific age group in a specific location, targeted display has this flexibility so you can be assured your adverts are reaching the people you want. The impact of this will mean you filter out unnecessary demographics and locations, resulting in generating increased quality leads that are more likely to generate sales. Considering 82% of people consult their phones before making in-store purchases, you need to ensure your display ads are mobile optimised (which LOCALiQ offers as standard… apologies for the not-so-sneaky plug).

Engage your audience and get talked about (positively!) through attractive targeted display visuals. Images and videos are known to generate higher engagement rates amongst audiences, so investing in well-presented and brand consistent imagery will go a long way amongst audiences, and boost those conversions. It’s not just the visuals, however, that will have an impact on audience conversions, the content/messaging also needs to be engaging and reflect what your target audience wants to see from businesses like yours (whether that’s quality, professionalism, fun etc.). Marrying both messaging and visuals together in a brand appropriate way that speaks to your audience will ensure your business gets noticed by the right people.

You can make your targeted display ad go even further with a fully integrated campaign that includes print, search and social media marketing too. It’s been suggested that audiences generally view an ad seven times before making a purchase, this means sticking to one ad in one area probably isn’t going to make the cut alone. Using the same or similar style targeted display adverts on social media, in print, and then optimising search terms used to find businesses like yours, will maximise viewability rates, leading to increased brand awareness and website conversions.

To make things a bit simpler, why not utilise state-of-the-art solutions from a trusted publisher with a dedicated readership and expert marketers. LOCALiQ have all the tools you need to optimise your marketing efforts and generate the rewards you deserve, saving you time and resources that can be spent focussing on other areas of your business.

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