There are many opinions as to whether email marketing is still worth it in today’s world of social media, apps, and messaging. In my humble opinion, yes, email marketing is very much still worth it. And here’s why…


The truth is, email marketing has been around for decades, and much like how email marketing probably caused the extinction of fax marketing, many people believe social media and digital advertising will do the same to email (what goes around comes around, right?). The reasons why I feel this isn’t the case are as follows:



It’s a lot easier to personalise an email to individual customers or groups than to personalise social media posts or digital adverts in the same way. Yes you can choose fairly niche targeting options with adverts, however, it’s not like you can include name or offer personalisation (… yet).

Being able to personalise marketing material for individual or niche groups of customers can really help a business gain long-term customer loyalty and repeat business. Personally speaking, receiving an email from a brand I like to shop with that includes a special offer on items I haven’t purchased in a while (or they think I might like), really does encourage me to visit their website to look more into the product/service (and chances are I will buy what they’re offering).

It’s fairly easy to personalise emails too. If you use a platform that allows you to keep customer and lead details in certain groups, code is generally automatically added so when you’re creating an email, thing’s like customer name and your business contact details are already pulled through.


Brand Personality

Emails are a fantastic way to give some brand personality to marketing content. Whether your business is a bit quirky, very luxury, or fun and friendly, emails are a great way for customers and leads to understand more about your style.

Whether you’re sending a newsletter, offers or events email, it includes more content than a typical social media post or digital advert, and will give more of a feel about your business’ personality and values. The colours you use in your emails and the way you use them will also give an indication to your audience about how you want your brand to be perceived.

Having a personality and showing this off to customers will only encourage their engagement with your brand more (as long as it’s something they relate to, or find helpful or entertaining). Take Innocent Smoothies as an example, they know their personality through and through, so every communication they have is on-brand and very likely to put a smile on your face. They’re a brand that’s not afraid to admit to their mistakes, but do it in a very amusing way.


Fear of Missing Out

After speaking to people that read their marketing emails, they say they do it because they don’t want to miss out on anything. Chances are that if someone has subscribed to receive emails from you, they’re very interested in your brand and want to know more about what you have to say and offer, you just need to make sure there’s a reason for customers and potential customers to open your email.

A monthly or quarterly newsletter will allow customers to feel in the loop with your business. Any content regarding new employees, new products, events or any updates to your business, can really make customers feel like part of your brand. Additionally, emails with special offers picked for specific groups in your customer base (e.g. those interested in seasonal products or different services etc.) can give customers a feeling that you as a business has as much interest in them as they do for you, and that their custom means something to your business.

Email can be a great tool to strengthen customer relationships and promote brand personality. It can get across useful information more effectively as more can be said in an email than most other marketing methods. Using social media and digital advertising are still excellent platforms for getting your business out there to a variety of audiences old and new, it’s just that email is better for communicating with existing customers and strong leads.

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