Here it is (as always just before a new year begins)! Our predictions for key marketing trends in 2020.


1. Insights-Driven Marketing

Insights-driven marketing is the use of data and analytics gathered from the public, so businesses can better understand how to market more effectively to their target audiences.

With the increasing technological advancements in marketing, it means more and more businesses have the ability to access invaluable information regarding customer habits. This information can range from digital advert clicks and views to website conversions and session durations. Each piece of data gathered provides businesses with up-to-date relevant information that can help them create better suited visuals and marketing content that their customers will love and be more encouraged to interact with.

Tools including Google Analytics (which is free!) and LOCALiQ’s Client Centre, are applications that can provide businesses with a multitude of insights about their existing and potential customers. With Google Analytics focussing more on website data, and the Client Centre focussing on digital marketing data (as well as the management of leads and customers), both platforms have the information businesses need to create more informed marketing campaigns suited to customer tastes.


2. Video Content

Now, video content will have probably featured on new years’ key trends lists since lists began. However, it’s still very much apparent that the best type of content that grabs the attention of consumers most, is video.

Although video content is massively effective in terms of marketing a business, it only works well when done correctly. The only reason I say correctly (because there aren’t set rules for creating video content), is because a number of things can put a potential customer off of watching a marketing video. The length of time the video is running for, boring content, no clear point to the video, etc. are all things that can put off a customer watching a video. In order to keep the attention from audiences, ideal video length should be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and you need to make sure it has a purpose (inform/entertain/educate/all of the above). As well as this, it’s important to ensure videos stick to the brand and personality of the business to help reinforce how you want your business to be perceived.


3. Customer Experience

Consumer habits are changing all the time, and that’s partly to do with technological advancements, but it’s also to do with the amount of competition each business has out there in the marketplace. One thing that businesses can do to encourage customers to shop with them, is creating an authentic and first-rate customer experience.

A good customer experience doesn’t only begin when they visit a store or business premises, a lot of customer experiences begin online. When someone first researches a business online, that can arguably be the start of the customer experience. If someone is searching for a specific business online, they probably expect their website (or social media pages if there is no website) to be at least within the first three results, but if they have difficulty finding the business online, it’s already been a pretty rubbish experience so far. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a tool that helps boost search engine rankings for businesses, and is becoming more and more popular for businesses to use to make sure their business is visible for target audiences.

Websites are another factor that impacts customer experience, particularly if you’re an online business. Audiences need to be able to find the products/services and any other information they’re searching for, quickly and easily. The website design and content should also be sleek and professional, and match the brand personality of the business.


4. Customer Retention and Loyalty

Customer retention and loyalty is probably less of a trend for 2020, and more what businesses should strive for on a day-to-day basis. However, with the marketplace being so overcrowded and competitive for so many industries, and with that only growing, gaining repeat and loyal customers will be more important than ever.

There are a number of ways businesses can help encourage repeat customers. One is through loyalty card schemes, whether that’s points based, or a simple stamp a card for a free coffee type of scheme. Offering customers something to return for, always helps encourage them to re-visit a business, particularly if you want to show that you value them as customers. Another way to help retain customers is through delivering a really seamless and unique customer experience. When I say unique, I mean try and deliver the best quality experience you can for your customers, and try to go above and beyond what everyone else does (be more than just nice).

In fairness, the key marketing trends for 2020 shouldn’t really be viewed as ‘trends’, because that suggests they’re a short-term marketing factor. In reality, everything mentioned above should be a constant focus for any business no matter the year.

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