Some people have the mindset that good products/services will sell themselves, and maybe that’s true, but how do you get those first customers to start the cycle?

Marketing is such a large part of business, and it encompasses everything from a simple shop sign, to advertising on multiple platforms. Anything that has your business’s name on, is marketing.

The logo you design, the colours you use, the typefaces you feature, are all part of your brand. They help form your business’s identity and give the public an indication about the quality levels of your products/services. Whether you’re going for cheap and cheerful, expensive and unique, or somewhere in-between, it helps sell your business to the audience you want to target. Therefore, when you figure these parts of your business out, you’re technically already marketing.

Don’t stop there though. You may have the best quality goods for the best prices around, and although that should guarantee repeat customers, if your long-term goal is growth, then you need to do everything possible to get your name in front of every potential target customer. Luxury brands including Gucci, Rolls Royce, and Rolex, still promote themselves through magazine adverts, influencer marketing, and sponsorships of prestigious events. This is because they know that everyday there are new audiences they can target with their high-ticket products; they also understand that having their brand in the spotlight keeps them relevant, particularly in today’s society of fast-changing trends.

One thing to note is that marketing isn’t solely advertising. There’s an ever-increasing number of ways to market your business, such as through sponsorships, events, newspaper/magazine articles, viral videos etc. but it’s important that whichever way you choose to market your business, it fits with your brand personality. I would also like to note, that adverts (particularly digital display and social media ads), can be highly cost effective and allow you to set budget limits to ensure you don’t overspend, they can also have a great positive impact on exposure of your business when planned thoughtfully.

Some marketing tools can be expensive, particularly for businesses just starting out. However, you don’t necessarily have to shout louder than your competitors when trying to reach your audience, you simply have to be unique with your message and content. Think about what sets you apart from your competition, and how you can promote that in a unique way. Don’t worry about having to advertise on every-single platform available, choose the one(s) that suit your brand and your budget best. Speak passionately about what you offer, as the public can generally see through over-the-top descriptions about how your offerings are one-of-a-kind, market-leading, second-to-none products/services.

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