Those Black Friday sales are moving swiftly upon us. With just over a week to go, make sure you’re getting the visibility you deserve with social media and print advertising.


Black Friday is a huge time for businesses, particularly those in the retail and hospitality sectors, to bring customers the best deals before Christmas. Originally an American event, Black Friday was brought to the UK by Amazon in 2010, although not many people paid attention to it back then. In 2013, Asda (owned by American retail giant, Walmart), decided to promise the UK “earth-shattering deals” on its products for Black Friday, and this is when the mayhem really began.

Six years on and Black Friday is still a major shopping event for the UK, with businesses large and small taking part. It’s a great way for businesses to get those initial Christmas sales in, especially if they choose to advertise those great Black Friday discounts beforehand. With shoppers seeking great deals, particularly with potential Christmas gifts, make it easier for them to find your business with print and/or social media advertising.

People tend to panic or dismiss ideas of advertising their business whether that’s in print or digitally. Although it does initially cost money, I doubt it costs as much as businesses think, and I bet it generates more than its worth in new leads and customers. In terms of social media advertising, there are a variety of targeting options to make sure your business gets in front of the local audiences you want as customers. Whether you want to start small and promote your business on social media through community pages, such as local newspapers, or whether you ant to go all out with sponsored posts targeted more specifically at your ideal audience, there’s something for every-sized business with social media advertising. Utilising these platforms to heighten awareness and help drive leads to your website or physical location, can really open doors as these platforms have millions of users daily.

Print advertising is a highly underrated method of promoting a business. Chances are small or start-up businesses want to promote themselves to their surrounding communities, and print advertising is great for this. With Black Friday just around the corner, why not let your local communities know about the amazing deals your offering? People are still engaged with local print newspapers and magazines, and although it is very traditional, there’s something special about buying a local newspaper to catch-up on local news and events and information. Newspapers are still around because there is still a market for them.

If your business is taking part in the Black Friday sales, it’s not too late to promote what your offering and get ahead of the competition. Utilising tools such as print and social media advertising is a quick and easy way to promote your business, particularly if there’s a tight deadline and a limited budget. With access to huge numbers of people, and people in your surrounding communities, advertising your business online or in-print can generate fantastic rewards.

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