There is no doubt that money gets a bit tight for people following Christmas. However, here are some ways businesses can try to keep up sales even after that Christmas rush.  


Just because Christmas day is over, doesn’t necessarily mean Christmas is over. A lot of people love shopping, whether they’re getting something for themselves or for someone else, and January is a great time for people to shop, particularly because of the post-Christmas discounts (I mean you gotta love a good deal).

Businesses (particularly retailers, lifestyle, and entertainment businesses) need to remind people they’re still around and they still have goods and services people want, even when money might be tight (people work hard, and they deserve a treat every now and again). The best way your business can do this is by promoting themselves, whether that’s through social media, advertising, or both, getting your name and what you provide out to the people who need that January boost will go a long way to help your business keep-up that momentum.

Messaging is extremely important for encouraging those post-Christmas purchases, particularly because everyone will be promoting their January offers. Creating unique content and messaging that will resonate with customers will help differentiate your business from the noise of competitors. Think about the reasons why people should choose your business, your unique selling points, as well as why people should treat themselves and/or others. Video content could be really beneficial here, providing a sincere message offering a mood boost for target audiences.

If budget is tight, social media is a great platform to post any content that can be liked and shared by your followers. For those businesses with a little bit of budget, these posts can be ‘sponsored’ and targeted at specific groups of people, generating higher visibility that non-sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are also a bit more of a subtle advertising method, as it’s not made obvious to the posts audience, that it’s essentially a paid-for advert. And for those businesses with a little bit more than a little bit of budget, a social media and display campaign will go even further to build awareness and encourage people to your business, because as well as sponsored social media posts, display adverts can be placed on the websites that are used regularly by your target audience.

It has very recently been mentioned in the news that consumer spending is down this winter, and to deal with that, shops are slashing their prices even further to draw in customers. Not every business will be able to compete with their larger competitors regarding offers and discounts, however they can still differentiate themselves from competitors and promote their quality of products/services.

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