Discover our top tips on how to create a fun and engaging marketing campaign using the Halloween holiday, to generate brand and product awareness.

Whether you’re a lover or a hater of Halloween (I understand some of you may get annoyed by those pesky kids), taking advantage of this event to help promote your business and its offerings can be highly effective in raising your profile to the audiences you want to appeal to.


What’s your goal?

Planning what you want to get out of your Halloween campaign is crucial for measuring its success. There’s no point in carrying out a Halloween marketing campaign if it’s not for any other reason than ‘every other business is doing something for Halloween’. Whether you want certain products sold, to boost profits, to generate a certain amount of brand awareness, or all of the above, you need an end goal and a strategy to make sure that goal gets reached.

Part of this task is also deciding how long your campaign will run for, whether it’s during the week leading up to Halloween, during the month of Halloween, or just the few days surrounding Halloween. Each have their pro’s and cons, and it will depend on the return on investment you want to see from your campaign. Dependant on this is also the amount of material in terms of Halloween content and messaging you feel you can create, not every business will have the budget to create enough Halloween content that would last a month-long.


Think about content

I know, I know, it’s an obvious shout, but there’s more to it than just thinking about content. With so many ways for audiences to absorb information (blogs, videos, images, articles etc.), you need to discover which content types your target customers will find most engaging. This can quite simply be done by asking existing customers at the till how they prefer to find new products/services (keep the question short and sweet).

I usually say keep everything, in terms of content, brand consistent. HOWEVER, in this case I don’t see an issue in playing with Halloween colours (purple/black/green etc.), as it all matches a theme, just make sure your logo is still visible and recognisable. In order to maximise brand viewability, I would suggest utilising the dedicated readerships of online and print newspapers, as well as your own social media channels and potentially search marketing techniques. This is because you won’t always find your target audiences in the most obvious places (e.g. digitally), local print media still has a huge following that’s worth tapping into.


If you’ve got it, haunt it

I probably should’ve warned you about the cheesy pun, but I bet it either made you facepalm at the sheer cringey-ness of the joke, or smile because you appreciate a good dad-joke, either way, it got a reaction. My point here is don’t shy away from giving your brand a personality when creating your Halloween messaging, if you want to add a pun, do it (as long as you know it won’t alienate your customers). This way of creating your message is great when tying in with product or service offers, events, or gifts relating to Halloween (or any holiday).

The way businesses are marketing themselves and creating their messaging is changing. Instead of sticking to politeness and corporate business style wording and staying away from holidays other that Christmas and Easter, many companies are going in bold and showing their humour in order to be more relatable to audiences (some are even finding ways to promote themselves using National Avocado Day – yes, it’s really a thing). It’s not just humour that can keep you on a level with your customers and target audiences though, a lot of people value truthfulness and straight talking. As the kids say, “you be you”, market what you have plain and simple. I feel that simplicity is often overlooked by companies nowadays, but I find simple stands out more now amongst every other business trying to shout the loudest with over-the-top digital video adverts and hyped-up messaging that surely can’t live up to expectations, (but that might just be the cynic in me). Keep your Halloween message simple, relevant and engaging (and try not to get too carried away with visuals).

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