“There’s never been a better time to put social good at the core of business” Arielle Gross, Facebook

It probably seems a bit ironic to some that Facebook, the multi-billion-pound social media company that has previously been shrouded by scandal, is talking about social good. However, in recent years, Facebook has moved to become a more socially responsible company, and the Social Good for Business toolkit is just one method to prove that.

The toolkit aims to provide businesses with strategies to engage their community, support a cause, and take action, particularly in the face of what 2020 has thrown at us so far.

Engage Your Community

Facebook shares tips for businesses to utilise in providing helpful information to their own communities. These tips include sharing credible information to ensure people are properly informed, connecting to communities through Facebook groups, sharing resources and discussions on how to support your cause, and advice on messaging customers directly to ensure they’re supported.

Support a Cause

Facebook makes it easier for businesses to help raise funds to support a cause or a charity, which can be done directly through a Facebook account. Guidelines for getting started with Facebook’s fundraising tools can be found here. Supporting other local businesses is easier too, with gift cards. Facebook provides a platform that allows businesses to sign themselves up and promote themselves with gift cards, or support other favourite local businesses by allowing others to purchase their gift cards.

Take Action

Being proactive in sharing what your business is doing to support causes that matter to you and to your audience, will help build an emotional connection to the communities you want to support.

With everything so far this year being thrown out of balance, businesses can take this as an opportunity to cement themselves in their communities as more than a services provider, but also as a support network and information provider. Utilising Facebook’s Social Good for Business toolkit will allow your community and audiences to understand more about your business and the causes you care about.

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