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Having a website with a fantastic design and seamless navigation isn’t enough these days, integrating creative marketing content that engages audiences is just as important.

Reach new heights and take a look at our solutions that are proven to help local businesses across the UK grow awareness and leads.

  • Social Ads

    Here at LOCALiQ, we have a team of social media experts ready to turn your social media likes and shares, into leads. We work closely with you to make sure campaigns are on-brand, and deliver results.

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    Social Ads
  • Search Marketing

    Run your search engine advertising campaign across all major search engines (not just Google) and get qualified leads with a low cost-per-click.

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    Search Marketing
  • Targeted Display Advertising

    Get your message to the audiences that matter, whether they're local to you, or spread across the UK. If you know the audience you want to attract, we can help you get their attention.

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    Targeted Display Advertising
  • Story Telling & Branded Content

    Build consumer trust, loyalty and engagement with a range of creative content that features the best of your business.

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    Story Telling & Branded Content
  • Listings Management

    The LOCALiQ Listings Management solution will help customers find you and your business information more easily online, with help from key partners including Google and Bing.

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    Listings Management
  • Print Advertising

    Mix the traditional with the modern, and enhance your digital marketing efforts with print advertising. We have access to hundreds of local print publications across the UK, so your business is placed in front of the communities that matter.

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    Print Advertising
  • Live Chat

    Live Chat lets you focus on your customers as soon as they hit your website, boosting customer satisfaction and engagement.

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    Live Chat


63% of business owners started their business because they’re passionate about what they do.

LOCALiQ Business Owner Survey, 2018

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