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There’s no place quite like Darlington, and no marketing solutions quite like ours.

As a large market town in County Durham, Darlington lies on the River Skerne, and is said to have been at the forefront of the birth of the modern railway. As a historical English town, Darlington is home to a number of museums and centuries old architecture, including the Darlington Railway Centre and Museum, St Cuthbert’s Church (built in 1185), and St Andrew’s Church (built in 1125).

Our range of marketing solutions help place your business in the heart of the Darlington community, and if you want to go even further with your reach, we can access audiences nationally. Trust our marketing professionals to produce the results your business is seeking.

Sunrays on the chimneys, Darlington

Introducing the LOCALiQ Grader tool.

We’ve developed a unique tool that gives your business a score based on its online performance. The LOCALiQ Grader takes into account any digital campaigns your business has going, your listings pages, and your social media presence. Collating everything into a full report, you get the insights that will help improve your online presence and give you that competitive advantage.

  • Build your Presence

    Build your presence throughout Darlington with a clean new website, and accurate local listings that help your business stand out.

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    Build your Presence
  • Drive Leads and Awareness

    Drive leads and awareness to your business with a quality marketing strategy the places your business in front of the audiences that matter most.

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    Drive Leads and Awareness
  • Get Results with Technology and Insights

    Our unique technology tracks your marketing activity, giving you the insights your business needs to optimise spend, and manage leads effectively.

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    Get Results with Technology and Insights
  • Grow your Audience and Connect

    Your business' story is unique, so why not use it to stand out from your competition? Our content creation experts work with you to create stories that connect to your audiences.

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    Grow your Audience and Connect

Learn more with the Client Centre.

The Client Centre is so much more than a lead management platform. Not only can your business communicate with existing and potential customers through the platform, you can also see how well your digital ad campaigns are doing, and which site they were on when they clicked the link. All of this information will better inform your future campaigns, optimising your spending and improving results. Our team of marketing professionals will also be on-hand to guide you through the platform, and answer any questions you may have.

St. Cuthberts church spire in Darlington

Reach new local customers in Darlington.

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Our range of solutions can get your business in front of the customers that matter most to you.

The Northern Echo is said to be one of the most famous regional newspapers in the UK. Serving Teeside and County Durham, it spans a large readership base and can help your business increase awareness across the region. As part of Newsquest Media Group, we pride ourselves with our professional level of journalism, and connecting readerships with their communities.

We’re part of the same community.

We love being part of the local community in Darlington and surrounding areas. Connecting local businesses with our newspaper readerships is one of our continuing achievements. LOCALiQ’s marketing experts strive to ensure your business gets the awareness it deserves, and achieves greater successes.

Partners for all.

We work with popular digital platforms including Google and Facebook, to help create the best quality campaigns for your business, targeted at the audiences that suit you most.

  • Microsoft Channel Partner

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