Campaign Tracking and Analytics

Know what works

Better understand the secrets to your successes

Reach your goals with data insights.

Use analytics tools to make more informed marketing decisions.

We know how important it is to gather marketing data. Our Client Centre has a variety of tracking and analytics tools that can be utilised in order for you to make data-driven decisions regarding your marketing activity. Understand exactly what you’re getting out of marketing investments, and assess areas that could be improved.

Smart technology, smart insights.

Our smart technology allows you to see how leads landed on your website, whether through print or digital methods. This gives you the insight into which platforms work best for your business.

Analyse, assess, improve.

Compare results from previous campaigns to understand what can be improved upon for the next campaign. Assess content, visuals, and platforms used, to create the ideal campaign that will resonate with target customers.

Utilise the experts.

Understand the most effective ways of using your data with help from our local marketing experts. They’ll assist you with translating the data in order for it to be turned into actionable insights, to improve marketing strategies going forward.

Real-time results.

The Client Centre’s reporting means there’s no more waiting until the end of the month to understand how campaigns are going. Get real-time results 24/7 on your phone, tablet or desktop, allowing on-the-go decision making.

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